Our goals

More than 30% of the 5,000 most senior roles at RBS are held by women, but we want to go further to make sure we have more women at the top of our bank. We have a strong focus on inclusion, and our new goal is to have more than 30% female representation in our top three leadership levels – around 600 roles. And in the long term, we want to have a 50/50 balance at all levels by 2030.

We’ve put plans in place to increase senior female representation and drive a better balance across all levels within the bank. This includes our apprentices, interns and graduates. We’ve also introduced bank-wide training to help employees recognise and combat unconscious bias. The training will continue throughout 2016.

We’re creating more diverse teams, and a workplace where all colleagues feel confident and able to contribute. Together, we’re reaching our aim to be number one for customer service, trust and advocacy.

Why it matters

Research shows that having more women at senior levels leads to better decision making, increased employee engagement, more innovation and greater diversity of thought. As well as making us a great place to work, these benefits bring clear advantages for our business performance.

We have again been named as one of the UK’s Top 50 Employers for Women in the The Times and Opportunity Now report. We’re also one of the four leading companies in the Business in the Community (BiTC) Workwell Public Reporting benchmark.

What we’re doing

We have a number of internal networks and external partnerships to help make RBS a really great place to work for women. Rainbow and Focused Women are two of the largest employee networks in the UK which set out to actively attract, retain and develop our talented female colleagues.

Our networks support the development and career advancement of all our colleagues. It gives them further opportunities to network internally and externally, to get involved in activities that will enable them to excel and challenge themselves, and to gain access to additional personal development. We welcome men as members to the network, as they can often provide support to women who wish to progress to senior levels. For those men also wanting to progress, all of our development activities are relevant to both women and men.

We also provide you access to the highly acclaimed online self-development resources, available on the Everywoman Network. Jam-packed with advice from some of the UK's most influential women in business as well as development experts, you'll find workbooks with action setting activities, online seminars and articles. Our topics include leadership, self-confidence, networking, giving great presentations and more.

We're aware that everyone has busy schedules, so you’ll be able to develop your skills in your own time, at your own pace. Did you know we also run a Female Insight Week internship for those wishing to understand what it’s like to work at RBS? To find out more please register your interest.

We're named as one of the UK’s Top 50 Employers for Women

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