We want you to have a clear understanding about RBS and the opportunities available when you decide which programme to apply for. We’ve tried to give you everything you need on this site, but we know we can’t predict everything you might want to ask.

You can find our recruiters’ contact details below, along with their hints and tips, and some words about their passions. If you have any burning questions about our programmes, or about RBS, please get in touch.

Emma Scott

Programmes I recruit for: Commercial and Private Banking, Conduct & Regulatory Affairs, RBS International


“I’m passionate about being involved in team sports, working together as a team while also pushing yourself physically. It brings about a sense of friendly competition and belonging when you are all working together to achieve one goal.”

What’s the best thing about working for RBS?

“The people – everyone is really nice, and works together to get the job done!”

Top tip for a standout application:

“Look at your application as a whole – do you have good examples of your skills, work experiences, academic achievements etc., as well as positions in extra curriculum activities and travelling experiences? It’s good to show how rounded you are as a person, and all the many different things you can bring to the company!”

Rebecca Kay

Programmes I recruit for: Risk, Internal Audit, Internal Audit: Technology & Change, Finance, Human Resources, Marketing & Communications, Credit Risk


“My passion has always been music, which I studied at University. Playing musical instruments has really helped build my confidence, but also developed my ability to work as part of a team.”

What’s the best thing about working for RBS?

“There are so many different opportunities to get involved in, and you can tailor them to whatever your career goals are.”

Top tip for a standout application:

“Think about what really interests you in the programme you’re applying for, and what you can bring to RBS.”

Carly McOscar

Programmes I recruit for: Analysis & Business Solutions and Business Technology


“When I was younger, one of my passions was team sports and social activities/clubs. I found them really engaging and fun as they allow you to communicate with a broader range of people and to empathise more with them better. Having that motivation to communicate with others in different ways helps me work well in a team, when dealing with clients, and has enhanced my relationship management skills.”

What’s the best thing about working for RBS?

“Career and development opportunities are a key focus here, and there’s a great support structure to help you reach your goals.”

Top tip for a standout application:

“Preparation is everything: Always read the question carefully and answer what you are asked! Do your research, Recruiters want to know that you have researched the organisation and the role you are applying for.”

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