Our graduate and apprenticeship programmes offer you the chance to do more than learn about performing your role. Through our various committees, we give you a platform to shape your programme with us. Our committees also provide opportunities for networking and help to promote our purpose, vision and values.

You’ll be able to choose where you get involved and have the chance to go above and beyond your day job.

Our Committees

Training and Development Council

We create a platform where graduates and apprentices can shape their learning and development by arranging internal training seminars, talks and senior speaker sessions. We provide feedback on the Initial Training Programme and Continuous Professional Development training to ensure it remains relevant. We also review the training that is offered as part of the graduate programme and propose areas of improvement.

Events and Sports Council

We create opportunities for graduates and apprentices to network across their programmes, with senior employees and the wider industry. We organise various social events throughout the year, including sporting leagues, tournaments and events.

Marketing and Communications Council

Our Marketing and Communications Council acts as a voice for the graduate and apprentice community. We publish regular articles, including interviews with senior members of staff, and extended pieces on topical issues. We’re also involved in organising events, which are designed to give graduates the opportunity to speak to senior decision-makers about the graduate programme.

Recruitment and On-boarding Council

Our Recruitment and On-boarding Council supports the Early Career team in attracting and hiring the brightest students and helping to make sure campus initiatives are relevant. We organise university events to educate students through different programmes, and support with spring and summer intern programmes.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

We drive the strategy for graduate and apprentice CSR engagement and implement activities so graduates can volunteer for a variety of causes. From reading and number partners, and mentor opportunities, to recreating open spaces and taking on the entrepreneurial Anniversary Challenge, you’ll have a number of great causes to choose from.

Innovation Council

This is a new council and our aim is to step back from our day job, thinking about how the bank operates and how we can make changes to make it more sustainable. This includes considering the ways the business might reduce waste, and how we can go about creating a healthier workforce.

All our councils are focussed on building knowledge skills and attitudes, strong networks, connectivity across the bank, the future and community.

Hear from RBS graduates on why they decided to get involved

“I wanted to get involved with the Recruitment & On-boarding Council as I wanted to use my experiences of the university recruitment process to try and improve RBS university recruitment. I’ve learnt a lot of valuable skills that I wouldn't learn in my day job - for example, creating presentations, organising university events, and working with people across the bank.”Richard Russell

“I joined the R&O Council because it made such a good impression on me when I was at university. Especially the large campus events, where I got to interact with a campaign that had a life-size Elephant! There are so many talented people at universities who aren’t aware of the programmes on offer, and it’s important to be part of a council who can ensure we recruit the best people.”Thomas Cantor

“The Recruitment and On-boarding Council has grown my network among the graduate community and allowed me to form relationships with those from all divisions within the bank, which is an invaluable asset to help further my career” - Elizabeth Armitage

“The Council provides a broader forum on recruitment and means we have more scalability for our ideas and a greater audience to pull from. We’re all interested in having an impact on the recruitment process and improving the experience for applicants and new graduates. Having been through the process both at RBS and elsewhere, we have more insight into what is and isn’t effective, as well as what is feasible.”Benedict Nagle-Taylor

“I’m in a position where I’m able to learn about all aspects of training and development in each area of the bank, group wide. It’s allowed me to learn and network with a wide range of individuals, from all levels of seniority and get a clear holistic view of the bank as a whole.”Jaypal Sihra

The experiences you gain when you join us, will give you the insight into how our business works, enabling you to shape your career path.

We have many committees which can provide you with networking and development opportunities

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