We’re working to do great things for our customers and clients today. But we’re also looking at how we can do more in the future, for example; developments in technology are opening up exciting new ways of interacting with and serving customers. We’re determined to lead the way in making the most of these new opportunities, and to pioneer the bank of the future.

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Making ‘Headway’: how our graduates are making a difference

, in Graduate & Early Careers

Passion is one of the key ingredients to getting the most out of your graduate scheme. Sometimes it’s important to think beyond your day to day role, and seize the opportunities that present themselves. That’s what Laura Goodall and Aruna Bhalla did. Along with five of their fellow graduates they...


Water you waiting for?

, in Corporate and Social Responsibility

With an increasing focus on our health and wellbeing, several of our colleagues have turned their attention to the massively undocumented topic of dehydration. It may have passed by without you noticing, but March saw National Hydration Week return to our calendars. National Hydration week, what...


7 Simple Career Tips to help you reach your goals

, in Career Tips and Advice

With National Careers’ Week done and dusted, we thought now would be the perfect time to share some of the best career advice we’ve heard over the past year.While writing for our Careers blog, we’ve spoken to hundreds of colleagues about their career journeys – from comedians to life-coaches, and...


Insight into the motherhood juggling act with Claire Foy

, in Graduate & Early Careers

What does the Head of Private Learning & Professional Development for Coutts, a Life Coach and a parent have in common? Actually that’s a trick question because Claire Foy manages to be all of those things – with a fantastic sense of humour and love for life. Being a working parent of two...


National Careers Week is back: a Q&A with Glen McGowan

, in Graduate & Early Careers

There are some questions which will be familiar to anyone who’s left education and been faced with the challenge of building a rewarding career. How do you get onto the right ladder to take you where you want to go? How do you figure out what sort of work you’d be good at and enjoy? Where do you...


An Interview with Andrew Harrison

, in Graduate & Early Careers

Have you considered a Graduate programme and wondered where it might take you? How it can link in to your studies? And what it’s actually like to work as a Managing Director (MD)?Starting on a Graduate programme can often feel like a jump into the unknown, with no tangible idea of where it can...


Living and working with ADHD: An interview with Hannah Adelsberg-Mclean

, in Our Culture

Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is the most common behavioural disorder in the UK, affecting around 5% of children and young people. What’s less often noted is that many adults also live with the condition.At RBS, we’re working to help develop a truly inclusive culture, one that...